What we do.

In business since 1995, Rodden Installation has built a reputation of quality work all over the area. Repeat business is what we want. We strive to build a lasting relationship with our clients and would love to make you part of the Rodden Installation family of happy homeowners.

Hardwood Flooring
Thanks to durable finishes that are easy to repair, solid-wood floors can last for a hundred years or more. Over the centuries, it has shown itself to be a lovely and durable floor choice. It's important that your wood floor is installed correctly so that it may last and remain durable.

  • Hardwood Floors Are Easy to Clean
  • Wood Floors Are Hypoallergenic
  • Hardwood Floors Increase Home Value

These are a few of the benefits of hardwood floors. We didn't even mention the aesthetic value: hardwood floors look great. Wood grains and colors are unique and can express the "real you".

Laminate Flooring
Unlike wood, which can dent, laminate flooring is almost impervious to dents and scratches. Laminate flooring has what's called in the industry a "wear layer" that protects the photographic layer underneath. Some manufacturers, DuPont in particular, give very generous 10+ year warranties on this wear layer.

  • Laminate Floors Have No Defects
  • Laminate is Good for Moist Places
  • Laminate Floors Are Resistant To Stains

There are many advantages to tile flooring. The prices vary widely, depending on size, material, and quality -- but is often quite reasonable, especially given its longevity. Today most types of tile flooring are made to be as convenient as possible. Not only can we install tile flooring but also kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bath, shower and more!

Installs Include:

  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Porcelain
  • Granite
  • Stone